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Benefits of a Boiler Service

Your boiler is one of the very most expensive and essential items in your house. To keep the boiler working securely, it’s important that you own it serviced annual.
Lessen your energy bills:
A fully reliable boiler that is serviced regularly will continue to work at maximum efficiency, helping to keep those energy bills down.

Safety (Gas Leak):
With modern boilers, gas leaks are exceptional, but regular maintenance can help you avoid these incidences and keep your home/family safe.

Energy efficiency:
Regular servicing is also the best way of ensuring that your boiler uses energy in the most efficient manner.

Extend boiler life:
An gross annual gas boiler service will make certain you may use your boiler for the longest time possible.

Boiler cover says:
Importantly, in case you have a boiler cover, the house insurance provider will require boiler service records to honour your boiler repair claim.

Carbon monoxide poisoning:
Very importantly, your boiler serviced every year permits the detection on any leaking of carbon monoxide.
A normal boiler service keep your loved ones safe

Faulty boilers can cause fires, explosions and poisonous gas leaks- all potentially fatal for your household. Our gas engineers check extensively for any broken or weak parts and replace them where necessary, to keep your household safe for the entire year to come.

Lessen your energy bill with yearly servicing

Our gas engineers be sure your boiler is working as effectively as possible to help prevent heat and energy waste. Efficient boilers don’t need to are hard to heat your home, spending less energy and less money as a result!

Less chance of a boiler breakdown

Boiler checks can spot any issues while they are still small and easy to repair, before they become something much more serious. As a result, you understand you can rely on your boiler for the next year and the risk of an urgent breakdown is minimised.

Boiler servicing keep the warranty/assurance valid

Some boilers feature a guarantee/warrant that will protect you from the costs of repairs or breakdowns with your boiler, for 10-15 years. Not getting your boiler serviced leaves you vulnerable to invalidating this, as a great deal of guarantees/guarantees declare that they require gross annual boiler servicing.

Being a landlord, you are accountable for your tenants’ safety, so it is your task to get all gas equipment serviced every year. The tenants must be offered the gas safety certificate and alerted of any changes made to the gadgets in their house.

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