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Boiler Replacement – benefits and costs of a new boiler

Investing in a new boiler is commonly a conclusion that a lot of people need to make in a rush. Usually, your old boiler has divided, it is the depths of winter and you need to really get your warm water and central heating restored to its previous working glory.

Unfortunately, buying a fresh boiler and setting it up installed can be somewhat of any minefield of big decisions. Choose an unreliable boiler or make the wrong decision about area of the unit installation, and it’s a mistake you as well as your bank balance will later regret.

We’ve consulted industry experts to be able to know the way to get the best boiler assembly. This consists of key decisions you will need to consider which could prolong your boiler’s life.

Read on to determine what you ought to ask and notify your engineer when they visit to give you a price, how to identify the telltale indicators of an engineer who knows their products, and what you ought to expect from a proper boiler assembly quotation.

If you want to learn about different types of boiler, go to is a combi boiler the right boiler for you?

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While you invite a heating engineer to offer a quotation for a new boiler, it will not be considered a quick conversation. We think a good installer should take time to conduct a complete heating survey of your house and learn about your heating and hot water requirements before giving you their advice on the sort and size of boiler you need.

Here are some questions to think about before you have a conversation with your installer:

What you need to know to get the best boiler installation
Inform your boiler installer about your heating and warm water needs in detail, and also any future projects you might have for your home.

Have a think about the pursuing questions and be sure you relay the answers to your heating engineer:

How do you use your warm water? For example, would you regularly need warm water to several tap or shower head simultaneously?
Have you got a pumped power bathtub, or have strategies for one in the future? Changing to a combi boiler can have benefits, such as space-saving in the loft or airing-cupboard, but this kind of boiler is not usually compatible with a shower that has a powerful electric pump. If you do opt to get a combi boiler, you will need to ditch the pump on your shower.
Do your warm water requirements change over summer and winter? So do say if you regularly have family or friends stay over – such as at Holiday or parties.
What home improvements are you planning? Your installer should know if you are considering adding an expansion, loft change or solar panels, or if you think you might use a new bathroom or under-floor heating.
Are you having any issues with your system? Take time to think about any concerns or performance issues you have with your current system, and tell your installer about them.
What make of boiler would you like? The stability of boilers varies wildly by brand, with the worst more than 3 x as more likely to breakdown in the first six years compared with the best. Select a boiler in one of the most reliable brands and become prepared to combat your part if your engineer recommends another. Some engineers are incentivised to install boilers from particular brands, so be sure they are recommending a make of boiler that benefits you, alternatively than them.

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